A Beautiful Smile

"For a Smile Closer to the Perfection of Nature"

Beauty and Confidence through a beautiful smile


WHITENING/STRENGTHENING A brighter smile and stronger tooth structure, is that really possible?! YES, it is a reality and we guarantee it.



ALIGN. In addition to whitening and remineralization, clear trays can bring your teeth in the optimum position for reflecting light and promote gums health.


CUSTOM design by Costin Marinescu, DDS is an individualized smile makeover, perfectly integrated, preserving the character while enhancing the appearance.

Prevention 2.0

Healthy looks always good

Prevention is the essence of health, especially that health cannot be bought – only maintained.


Our Oral Prophylaxis program is:

Strategic | forward-thinking 20+ years
Individualized & Evidence-based
Effective | proven results


More about our preventive protocol…


… because you deserve it?! I am sure you heard that before…

No, it is not only because you deserve it but mostly because it is truly:

  • Improving your life, your social interactions, and self-esteem
  • Having a positive impact on your career. Caring for details and health shows responsibility and perseverance.
  • An investment, not an expense. It prevents future teeth problems such as caries, gum diseases or tooth wear.
  • Minimally invasive and highly predictable. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Why wait?!


It is quite simple:

  1. Call us at 089 / 22 18 28 and make a check-up appointment or a video-conference appointment
  2. The appointment will take between 1h and 1h30 minutes with Costin Marinescu, D.D.S. and includes photography, x-rays (if necessary) and comprehensive check-up of jaw joints, chewing muscles, teeth, gums and smile analysis. You will be receiving detailed recommendations and a treatment plan.
  3. Decide on the best option for you and we’ll take care of the rest.


We are a team of specialists with extensive training and experience in the “science of natural white” and smile design. We located in the heart of Munich where we work with the best German and American dental technicians, advanced technology and a network of highly specialized doctors.

Senior Dentist – Dr.-med. stom. Costin Marinescu, D.D.S.(USA)

– an American dentist, past faculty at the University of California in Los Angeles and current Visiting Faculty for Spear Education, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Associate Dentist – Dr. med. dent. Marton Bakucz

– assistant dentist.

Prevention Specialist: Tünde Sandor, Diplom-D.H.

– possesses a vast experience as a Diplom-dental hygienist, with training in Montreal, Canada, and Munich, Germany.